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4/13/2014 -  Wow. It's been a while. New manuscript is in the works. I'm shooting for the beginning of June to have the first draft done. I can tell even now, there is a lot of tweaking that will need to be done, but I have help this time. ;) I am planning on participating in NANO this year so November may be a bit quiet. Like you guys aren't used to that.....

05/30/12 - New blog blog based story is up and running! It follows the adventures of September, demon hunter. I am sure you will all love her as much as I do! A little background on September...She is a character that shows up in many of my writings. She wears many faces. Sometimes she's hunting demons, sometimes she's an alien experiencing human life, other times she's the protector of the world. At some point in my career she will be explained as to who she truly is and why she shows up everywhere.
There is another connection in my writing. An alien race. This alien race pops up frequently. Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes its very subtle. Sometimes it's in name only. Keep your eyes open!
A more ongoing project....short stories. I will be compiling all of my short stories into a compilation. This is in the very beginnning stages and won't be complete for a while. Keep coming back for more updates on this and my other writings! For more indepth updates on, not only my writing projects but my life in general, visit my blog!

03/05/12 - A new short story has been completed. I will be shopping it around soon. I have started on a new short story...well I am actually working on a few at The new short story is completely different from what I am used to writing, but it's something that pulled me. Hopefully the rough draft will be done soon. I will be shopping my short stories around. Once they are published for a month or the next issue is out, I will be publishing them to my site. I will also be putting them together in an anthology that I will be selling. From my initial projected price they will be going for around five dollars. Keep coming back for more updates!

09/26/11 - The e-zine is up and running. Well. Sort of. The site is up and waiting for submissions. It's simple for now, but there are lots of things going on behind the scenes with this one! Go subscribe for free now! Once the free subscriptions stop I won't be offering it again. So anyhow, we are working toward getting it into paper print, getting advertisers, etc. I want to see if it will get any readers before I start doing the serious leg work for the money route though! lol. Go check it out!!

09/14/11 - Been a while. Have had quite a bit going on and staying busy. First short has been accepted by Blood Moon Rising! It will be published in the April 2012 issue! Second short is done and being shopped around. More big News....I have started work on an online magazine. Going to be pretty simple at first and then, when we get more readers, we will grow into paid subscriptions. Not to worry! Those that start with the free site will be given many opportunities to continue to read for free or at a discounted rate. The deals will be HUGE for the free subscribers so be sure to sign up now to get in on the deals and discounts!!

07/17/11 - First short submitted to magazines. Working on editing another short and still working on third novel. Lots going on guys! Keep coming back to get updates. Drop me a line! I love to hear from fans! :)

07/08/11 - First draft of the short story is done! Now the tedious job of editing and rewriting!

06/18/11 - Kristy is working on her third novel. Imagine if you woke up one day and you weren't who you though you were.
What would you do if it were up to you to save the world?

She is also working on a short story. Keep your eyes out for the ultimate in horror in your local magazine!