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From Kristy......


As most of you know I am a new author. I am proud of what I write and want to share that with all of you. There is no joy greater than sharing your passion with others. I am pleased to say that writing is my passion. Writing is a profession that gets scoffed at. Much like music and acting, though I do believe the latter two have more credibility. Where I am definitely a supporter of acting and music....some of my favorite tv shows and movies feature actors and some of my best writing is done with music blaring in the background....I feel writing should be right up there with the two. Books offer a doorway to another world that is only as beautiful or blood filled as the reader wants it to be. So if books are the doorway, then the writers are the keys. An author can present you with the world, but only YOU can shape it and flesh it out. Life is all about description and imagination. Never...NEVER lose yours....


With that said....If you are new to my site, or to me, you shouldn't enter if you are faint of heart. Mine is a world of darkness and of all the things in life that people don't like to talk about. My world lies in the shadows. Waiting. Lurking. Biding it's time to strike. The things that live here are not pleasant. They are things that humans must avoid at any cost. They will tear you apart and make sure you feel every agonizing, flesh tearing rend they impose on you. They will test your resolve and fail you just for the pure amusement. They live to cause you pain. Everytime you feel something watching you from the darkness...that's them. They will chase you down. Can you feel them behind you right now? They are nipping at your heels. They will catch you. You can never outrun them. The question is....when?

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